Board of School Directors


205 Wilson Avenue, Uniontown, PA  15401


December, 2019 – December, 2020

President Mr. Terry Dawson
18 Barton Mill Road
Uniontown, PA  15401
724-438-0934 (H)


Vice President Mrs. Susan Clay
3334 National Pike
Farmington, PA 15437
724-329-0750  (H)
Secretary *


Miss Jaclyn Blackson
705 Buena Vista Road
Vanderbilt, PA  15486 
724-438-4502 (O) X-1606
Asst. Secretary Mrs. Dorothy Grahek
740 New Salem Road
Uniontown, PA 15401
 724-245-2736 (C)
Treasurer Mr. William Rittenhouse, Jr.
456 Town Country Rd.
Vanderbilt, PA  15486
724-677-2873 (H)
724-438-1700 (O)
724-438-2196 (F)
Director Mr. Kenneth G. Meadows
225 Reservoir Road
Vanderbilt, PA 15486 
724-677-4536 (H)


Director Mr. John Holt
2405 Dinnerbell Fiveforks Road
Farmington, PA 15437
724-570-2047 (C)


Director Mrs.Pamela Neill
724-439-3189 (H)
724-570-9204 (C)
Director Mr. Don Rugola
16 Charles Street
Uniontown, PA 15401
 724-317-6779 (C)
Director Mr. Jon Tanner
2369 Dinnerbell Fiveforks Road
Farmington, PA 15437
Solicitor * Mr. Michael L. Brungo
Maiello Brungo & Maiello
Southside Works
424 South 27th Street, #210
Pittsburgh, PA 15203
412-242-4400 (O)
412-242-4377 (F)

*  Non-Voting Members

*Note: The meetings will be held on the first Monday of each month in 2021 with the exception of April (held on the 2nd Monday), June (held on the 2nd Monday), July (no meeting), and September, which will be held on the first Tuesday (due to Labor Day). All meetings will be held at 6:30 p.m. in the Band Room (Room #132), Uniontown Area High School, 146 East Fayette Street, Uniontown, Pennsylvania. Note Work Sessions may be scheduled by the President as needed. Also due to the pandemic (Covid-19) should in-person meetings not be permissible, on-line sessions will be announced on the district web page as well as the local newspaper.