iPad Collection/Inspection K-8

Uniontown Area School District Students, currently in grades Kindergarten through Grade 8, will have their iPads inspected and collected at the end of the school year. (Each building will notify parents/guardians of their respective dates and times for both in-person and remote students.)

This inspection/collection is necessary to make certain the “district-owned” iPad and its charging components are in proper working order. Students will be reissued the same device at the beginning of the 21-22 school year.

Students attending summer school must have their iPad inspected but will be reissued their devices in order to complete summer assignments.

What will be expected upon inspection/collection?

1. Students must turn in their iPad with both parts of the district-provided case (back portion and screen protector) securely affixed.

2. Students must turn in both the charging cable and charging block provided to them by the district. Alternative chargers WILL NOT be accepted.

(See the image below that shows ALL proper components)

*** The iPads and chargers are district property. The user shall be responsible for excessive damage to the iPad and its parts (case and charging components) not covered by insurance. Notice of cost for repairs/replacement parts will be issued from the district office to the parent/guardian, Failure to turn in the iPad and/or its charging components will result in notice and collection proceedings from the district office to the parent/guardian. (See Acceptable Use Policy 815)***